Monday, 14 May 2012

Covered Button Tutorial!

A bunch of my friends have said that they really liked the earring so have been making so I decided to post a tutorial! I am thinking about putting these on Etsy as well :)

You will need:
-Scrap fabric
-Some sort of strong glue
-Cover button front and backs
-Cover button tools (The mold is used to hold the button and the pusher helps with securing the back of the button) I found these at Walmart for 2 bucks. 
-Earring posts

Step 1: Cut out a circle from the fabric slightly larger than the button. Make sure the design is in the middle!

Step 2: Place the fabric right side down into the button mold, making sure the design stays in the middle. Then, put the button upside down in the mold, it'll feel tight.

Step 3: take the back of the button and place it on top of everything! Then, use the pusher to push the back of the button into the button. You might have to push really hard, especially if the fabric is thicker. 

Step 4: My fav part.... pop it out of the mold!

Step 5: Glue the posts on and you have earrings!

You can get really creative with these... Make earrings, rings, necklaces, anything you want really!

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