Thursday, 29 December 2011

knitting eye candy :)

we've been in the new place for about a month now, and we are really loving it! half of our stuff is still in the garage, just waiting to be unpacked. Christmas was just here, and i enjoyed giving my knitted gifts to family and close friends. little noah isn't so little anymore. he's crawling and pulling himself up on things, and getting into things he isn't supposed to. little stinker.

i have yet to get together with some friends who are still in school and are on winter break. you know who you are ;) hopefully we will be able to get together before school starts up again.

i've recently started knitting more, i still love crochet though :)

here are some yummy things i want to make in the new year

Owl Wrist Warmers by knitting pony

Pompom and seeds hat by Carolin Gall

i also want to make a sweater for myself, a sweater vest for the hubby, and a baby vest for noah. maybe this one?

Cobblestone vest by Nikol Lohr

i'm so excited to knit and crochet... i only started crocheting last year, and knitting this year so i've still got lots to learn. well, i'm off to knit some more now! 

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  1. those do look very yummy :). can't wait to see the new things you make this year!