Sunday, 16 September 2012

It's all in the details

I am super excited to be in a farmer's market this weekend. I have been working on branding my shop, and I have come up with a theme /feel that I am aiming for- a rustic-vintage-cottage-woodlandsy-feminine th em , soft colors, burlap, earthy undertones, and old sheet music. I don't know how to put all that into one word!

Here is a picture of some of my packaging. I am making a bunting out of lacey scrapbook paper. Oh! And the necklace display used to be a plain old white velvety material. I cut up some old music sheets and mod podged it onto the display. Gotta love that mod podge! :)

Please excuse the dark and blurry pictures... I was using my phone for vzythis :p

Hope everyone is having a great weekend :)

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